Hi there, my name is Kuba Michalski. I am front end developer.

Some of my work...

Weather App

An application that shows weather depending on your current location.

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Random Quote Generator

Randomly generates quotes.

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Agmar Hurt - Client Website

Poultry cutting house website.

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brotherWebs project

My and my brother's business website.

Still working on it...

for more work, check out my GitHub...

Few words about me...

My name is Kuba Michalski and I'm 18 (in October). I wouldn't call myself a front end freak but I'm really passionate about my profession.

My adventure with web development started about 2/3 years ago when I watched my first tutorial and did my first website (unfortunately I lost it by some system cleaning). Since that time, I've been regurarly improving my skills and learning more.

During the process I also realised that I really enjoy designing and it gives me as much satisfaction as coding the website. I'm also developing in this field.

One of the competitions I took a part in was Google Code-in. In 2016/17 edition I completed only 3 projects as I was just a freshman and everything was completely new for me. In 2017/18 eidtion I completed 41 projects which put in the top 10 FOSSASIA contributors. Tasks had a varied level of difficulty and fields. Some of them were just a piece of cake and some were a real challenge for me. I learnt many things useful in future work, like project collaboration and mantaining on GitHub.

Besides, I'm interested in basketball (mainly playing, but when I have time I also watch), books (fantasy/novels) and computer games (yeah I know... but who doesn't feel like a good RPG?!).

You can find me here!

GitHub Medium Behance kubamichalski@kubacoding.eu